Imagine for a moment lying comfortably in the sun in an exclusive setting, away from the beach. The blue sky above you and the view of the Capo Caccia while you drink a frozen cocktails or relax on the sunbathing cushions while enjoying fresh fruit.


Dance to the rhythm of your music at sunset and end the evening with a romantic dinner in the all privacy guaranteed by our drapery setting. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? It’s Rafel Island, your Treasure Island! Fun, relaxation and exclusivity: Rafel Island is our new way to offer a unique luxury experience on the sea.

A comfortable private island created with attention to every detail, where 8 people can be comfortably accommodated to spend a day of relaxation, fun and enjoy a good aperitif at sunset.


Equipped with all the accessories (sunbathing cushions, luxury mahogany table, 2 showers, bluetooth stereo system with 4 speakers, mini-bar, steel and wooden bathing ladder, curtain system), Rafel Island was created to become the best place for the guests of our beach club both during the day and during sunset to fully enjoy privacy of maximum comfort.


Your private 6 x 3 meter island, with great stability, where you can relax under the sun listening to your favorite music, read a book lulled by the waves, drink a cocktails or have exclusive aperitifs in absolute privacy.

Rafel Island can be customized according to your customers’ requests, with a wide range of solutions from breakfast to dinner.
Rafel Island is the Treasure Island that turns dreams into reality.